Note cosmeticsOn the wettest night of the year I braved the city centre traffic, parking stress and general festive trauma to have my make-up done by Deborah Leonard, MUA extraordinaire, who not only gave me movie star eyes but made me look ten years younger at the same time!

Note eyes
The eyes have it!

This lovely event was held in Studio 10 on Wicklow Street which overlooks Brown Thomas, was hosted by VIP magazine and served a very lovely gin and tonic complete with the newest trend of serving it with berries. I’ve never been a fan of fruit and cannot understand why it is frequently served with chocolate desserts – if I wanted fruit I would have ordered a fruit salad!  I am mystified by the appearance of berries in alcholic beverages. I am firmly old school when it comes to gin and tonics, just a slice of lemon or lime thanks. I do realise they are fruits too but for me berries and cucumbers belong in smoothies and salads respectively.

I’m old school too when it comes to make up. It was fascinating to listen to the mostly twenty-something audience who take their make up cues from you-tubers who advise exfoliating your day time make-up off your face before reapplying your evening face. Ouch! I could almost feel my skin puckering in resistance. Anything beginning with ‘ex’ – like ‘exam’ or ‘ex-boyfriend’ or ‘extra – homework’ should be either avoided or taken in moderation and that is my feeling on ‘exfoliation’; I know it is meant to be the wunderkind of make-up products, slaking away dead skin cells, winding back your belle visage twenty years but for me all it does is induce redness, flakiness and tightness and I’ve tried them all over the years. So I actually winced when they were asking questions about this.

Make-up, like most things in life, is best kept simple – cleanse, tone, moisturise and what I have found over the years is the best thing for your skin is exercise – that is one ‘ex’ word that is an exception to what I have just written! Exercise makes the blood fly around the body, especially to the face, giving you a glow that lasts for hours and getting the circulation moving in a way no make-up ever can. Fresh air is pretty good too. And the colder the better. Resistance efforts are effective too, a cold shower or a sea swim. But slathering on product after product cannot be a good thing for the skin. Think how uncomfortable you feel if you wear too many layers of clothes. It’s the same for the skin. I don’t know if I am the only woman in the western hemisphere who doesn’t own a serum, for the same reason as the exfoliator, it just irritates and is one more expense I don’t need.

To get back to the make-up…in the interests of keeping it simple, Note is pharmacy brand, with a very affordable price point and from having my face done I can attest to it being very comfortable and easy to wear. Verrrry lovely eyeliners too. And lip glosses.

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