Gin Yoga


I have another festive exercise idea – the current rage of Yin Yoga classes popping up everywhere, complete with bolster pillows, cushions and blankets has made sleep look like a bona fide exercise!

I’ve been a convert since I went to my first class. I have always loved yoga, the beauty of it, its holisitic nature but I have to admit the breathing drives me mad and anything with the word ‘flow’ in it as that is just another way of saying let’s do downward dog for ninety mintues. But, Yin is a revelation. You lie in different comfortable positions for a long period of time with a blanket over you and at the end you feel like you have had eight hours sleep. It powers up the para-sympathetic nervous system, relaxes the entire body and mind and you float home after a class.

Gin and Yin – I think that has a Christmas ring to it! You could do it on The Body Couch too!!

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