The Body Couch

naomi-hebert-188183.jpg the body couch

So, Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach, best selling author, internet sensation, advocate of mountain climber HIIT exercises, having done them, not being able to move after them, I propose an alternative – The Body Couch. Find one you can lie full length upon, make sure it faces the television full on, you don’t want to have to do any sudden, unnecessary movements. Download Netflix, watch The Crown and/or Stranger Things and DO NOT MOVE.

‘Tis the season of selection boxes, tins of Chocolate Kimberley, tubs of Roses, have them handy, see above point about no sudden movements and just RELAX. You are officially ‘off’!

It is December – time to shelve the guilt, leave it lying around until the New Year and then you can dust it off and start doing mountain climbers again. Just on that though, it is quite enjoyable to climb an actual mountain, not a huge one like Everest or anything, just a little local one, like the Sugar Loaf in County Wicklow (it helps that the word ‘sugar’ is in the name of the mountain!), and now, winter time, is the best time of all to do it.

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