Wild Lights

wild lights dublin zoo

The pinnacle of the holiday season activites.

Paddington 2 was charming, The Craft Fair at the RDS was reliably festive. ET at the Bord Gais theatre accompanied by the RTE National Symphony Orchestra was magical but this…on a dark but dry December night was just breathtaking. The vivid red, green and white lights against the inky blackness of the lake on arrival, the chinese lanterns dangling amongst the trees, the semblance of snow and the animals – ohhh – their translucent beauty.

tiger wild lights

It helped to be there with a four year old. That’s where the real magic is, in the eyes of a child.

‘When do the animals become real again? In the morning?’

‘Why can you not touch them? Because they will turn into real ones?’

‘It’s a dragon snake!’

‘The crocodiles are too scary for me’

She sang too, about butterflies and caterpillars. Beautiful.

Thank you Dublin Zoo.



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