Irish Times Abroad – Home

https://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/abroad/ireland-will-always-be-my-home-home-emigrants-on-the-meaning-of-home-1.3428256 And here is the full article I wrote: Tu es un √©lectron libre. I leaned this French phrase for free spirit living in Morocco. People used to say it to me all the time, bewildered as they were by my decision to leave my home country and live abroad. It called to mind a… Continue reading Irish Times Abroad – Home


Like Sherbet in Herbert

My Mother is snowed in so severely at the foot of the Dublin mountains, she can no longer see her car. My brother, living in an apartment complex, had the misfortune to be living in the only block with no water supply since Thursday. He didn't go into details of the why but the how… Continue reading Like Sherbet in Herbert