5 thoughts on “Mental Health – The Carer’s Perspective

  1. Wonderful post! And all so true. I found you through the NAMI blog. I’m a contributor as well. Nice to connect with you! Education is key in understanding mental illness and what a loved one is going through. Look forward to reading your posts! Take care, Jenny


  2. Very cathartic to read about my feelings in your words. I too have a depressed and bi-polar family member. I too live on edge, worried about leaving him alone, anxious when the phone rings, feeling guilty that I’m not doing enough , and feeling heartbroken when I see him cry.
    There are glimmers of light: a long hug, the many thank you’s, a walk, a few ‘normal’ hours. To bring light to his darkness, I have to take such good care of myself. If I visit tired, it often does more harm than good because I’m less sensitive and less patient.
    Caring for a person with mental illness takes both self care and sacrifice, love and cold reason, hope as well as acceptance. It’s hard to accept that the person you love is sick and may never get better and to give hope nonetheless.


    1. Thank you for your kind and heartfelt comment.
      Words help me to express my feelings. If I don’t write them down they stay inside and congeal.
      I’m happy to hear it helps you to read them!


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