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  1. I liked your article about oceanofpdf. I am an Avid Reader and desire to reward the authors appropriately. However my opinion is that it’s the publishers that are the problem. I like electronic books and I can carry my entire library in my pocket all the time. But, you can’t borrow an ebook much like you can borrow a paper book from a library. You also can’t buy an electronic book used like you could buy used paper book which are usually about half the price of an ebook. I’ve also studied economics. Piracy, in the sense of the word that you use it, is a black market and black markets arise because some authority attempts to overly control the legal marketing of goods and services. I’m not saying piracy is right. What I am saying is it it is a natural reaction to Publishers attempts to overly control the legal marketing of books.

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  2. this doesn’t really make any sense whatsoever. I do get that authors work hard to write what they do but it’s either oceanofpdf for me or no reading at all. I live in pakistan, hence books are naturally expensive here. and by that i mean A LOT. to a point where i cant think to ask my father for money to buy books when there are other urgent matters. and about a library, there are none. within a mile, there is no library here for me to get books. i want to touch books as well, if i had the choice of having a book in my hand and reading it, then i would rather choose that then electronics. i literally have fantasies about going to libraries and reading books there and i tell you that so u can understand where i am coming from
    when did sharing books become wrong?
    i don’t want to bash you or attack you. the intention of writing this comment is certainly not that. I just want you to understand and i will appreciate your argument to this as well.

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  3. all i know and i genuinely mean it, if i ever write a book and somehow someway it does get published, i would make sure that those without means, get their hands on it. one way or another.


      1. i am sorry if i didn’t get the point of the article. the fact that i read the novels without consent of the creator disturbs me and it truly does. and u r right, consent is definitely non existent
        but at least here u don’t have to worry because oceanofpdf has been taken down.

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  4. So how many people in Morocco or whoever you are have access to books online? Do they have enough money to buy books? I know a lot of people around the country that can’t afford or can’t get books like we can in the US. I really liked OceanofPDF so thanks for cutting off people to access mostly MAINSTREAM or OLDER BOOKS. How many LIBRARIES are there by you? Do you even write books? All I see are “articles” What with all the fake news what does that help? Wow more articles! I am so mad that people advocate for authors who mostly write trash and whine when there books are found online.. what a way to make sure NOONE ever reads your book. If you want privacy don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong. Authors do consent by the way.. have you reasearched oh.. Cory Doctorow? Some don’t and guess what then they can say hey get my book off there.. and it’s done no big deal. This reminds me of all the people that scream at the government when something doesn’t go their way and instead of being responsible for themselves.. they want the government to make more laws restricting us normal people even more. OMG sorry to rant but there is another side to this. And reading/literacy should be more important than MONEY. Think of the teens, and children around the world. I think that this is getting way more complicated and too easy for people to scream “foul” and it hurts more people than it helps. Have you ever noticed that when you buy a book from say Amazon Kindle right.. you can’t transfer it to an Apple/Microsoft/Android file. Technically when you buy a book from Amazon you don’t even OWN IT, they can delete it at anytime and if you can’t back it up.. then what are you paying for? You can’t transfer an iBook to a Android device. And don’t get me started on DRM.. that’s a whole other category of businesses making money and not caring about the actual authors or readers. So technically to keep a book, or back it up..you realize it’s illegal? Is it illegal to go to the library? No.. but some people can’t get library cards. I can’t. And I live in the US. What about if you buy a hard back at say Barnes and Noble.. do you own it? What if now I want to read it on a tablet.. so I should buy the book again? And then buy a copy for my android phone, my Apple tablet? Nobody talks about this stuff!! I am so sad Ocean of PDF is gone, it was a great resource! Especially for my friends who can’t access a library or can even get books in Other parts of the world. Please please do some research! What I am saying is true. Google it even, I have. I am an avid reader who buys lots of books and yes I share them with my friends and pass them on when I’m done especially to my children or people who really seem like maybe they need it more than I do (physical books) obviously. Also you should research how much Libraries pay for ebooks.. and they only get like 64 or so times to rent it after they pay way more than consumers do.. hundreds of dollars. Please expose the Amazon and all the other companies that are causing the problem for authors to make money.


  5. I also wrote to the “Publishing” platform writing ie. Very unprofessional now that I think about it. This should be stated as an opinion piece not news. And I think your title is misleading. Every writer does not feel this way. That is black or white thinking leaving no grey area. Anyways whoever you write for isn’t doing you a service at all, if they are ok with publishing that then they are a business that is clouded by emotion and not business or professional sense. That really makes me sad as they are basically taking up sides with Amazon and everyone else. And not helping you become a better writer at all. I just wanted you to know that you can do so much better! I believe in you and I believe in the truth as well!


    1. Hello and thank you for your comments. As you rightly point out, it is an opinion piece. You are absolutely free to disagree with me. I was asked to write this piece and I wrote it as a writer and from a writers point of view. I read too so of course I understand and empathise with all the points you make.


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