Kanturk Arts Festival – A Prize



Well…there’s been a lot of shortlists lately, which is of course a good thing.

Benedict Kiely in October, Iceland Writers Retreat in December, Centre Culturel Paris in February and this – the Kanturk Arts Festival. With twenty-five on the shortlist, I had resigned myself to my mantra of ‘being shortlisted is a win’. And then, and then…I got an email.

It’s significant for me on so many levels – it’s judged by Nuala O’Connor, a writer I’ve done courses with and who I greatly admire, first and second prizes have gone to established, experienced writers so I am in very good company and maybe most importantly because the pieces I have had published to date are all non-fiction, I have a block in my head about writing fiction. Yet, I’ve tried this and won a prize. It’s a great motivator. And best of all, I get to read the story at the festival next month and it will be published on their website. Wonderful.

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