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  1. Thank you so much. We met in Iceland. I’m about to publish my 9th book, and I learned a lot from listening to this. “Showing up” the first and most important lesson. As a lawyer and single mother, I always wrote “in the cracks,” and am amazed looking back at how much I actually published. Please note my new e-mail: dmmadott@gmail.com dmmadott@gmail.com, and my website: http://www.DarleneMadott.com http://www.darlenemadott.com/. I’d invite you to the book launch, but it is in-person, not virtual. The order links are all on my webpage.

    May the creator of the universe bless your writing life and the real life behind it!



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  2. I met “Sparky” at the 2022 Iceland Writers’ Retreat. I particularly enjoyed her comments about “writing in the cracks,” which how I wrote over my 35-year career in the practice of law, somehow managing to publish 9 works of fiction, etcetera. With every book, the publishing landscape has changed, as have the tools. I was comforted by Michelle’s comment concerning not having an MFA. I have a Bachelor of Arts and a Law Degree and was wondering, at the age of 70, if I should pursue an MFA. Naw, I’d rather write another book. http://www.DarleneMadott.com

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