UL Winter School, Doolin.

I spent a week in seriously impressive literary company, attended workshops, walked, did yoga and meditation, swam in the sea, wrote, read and listened to Sarah Moore Fitzgerald, Donal Ryan, Martin Dyar, Kit de Waal, Jo Unwin and Helen Thomas impart wisdom and guidance on writing and publishing. We shared a lot of laughs. I… Continue reading UL Winter School, Doolin.


The UnBEARAble Lightness of Being

It’s...it’s... what? Beautiful? Yes. Serene? Yes. Remote? Yes. But it’s more than that. It’s spacious. It’s the penthouse suite of landscapes. You could argue all landscapes are spacious - deserts, beaches, fields but deserts can be empty, patchwork fields can look congested, beaches can be desolate. Here the scenery is full - chock full of… Continue reading The UnBEARAble Lightness of Being