The bobble hat from Budapest

bobble hat
The travelling hat – husky farm Finland

Either you have a ‘hat-face’ or you don’t. I don’t. This means all hats instantly make my face look fat. So, I tend to stay away from them. They are easy to lose too, like gloves and umbrellas. But they do have a superpower that also applies to shoes – they are resistant to weight gain and loss.

And they keep you warm. Let’s not forget that salient point.

So even though they do nothing for me, I am always on the look out for the perfect hat that will function and flatter. Eh voilà! A cobbled street in Budapest of all places. It was February and freezing and I was driven to the hat purchase by the plummeting temperature. I walked past it at first because frankly, it looked ridiculous. I didn’t even need to try it on to know this. So I kept going, wandering the streets of Budapest, drinking hot chocolate in atmospheric cafes, taking photos, visiting the historic buildings. Then it began to snow. I retraced my steps. I stood in front of the hat and mentally plea bargained with it – please fit me, please suit me and I will buy you. It wasn’t expensive but that wasn’t the point. It was white and furry with bobbles. Comic, until that is, I put it on and suddenly I was transformed into winter goddess, queen of snowy fells and dancing elves! It was warm and snug and impervious to falling snow. And it has travelled everywhere with me ever since. Apart from the beach. Obviously.


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